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“Dexter” what a killer show

June 24, 2009

“well, you see, there’s this show called “Dexter”,see, and it’s about a serial killer,ok? but he’s a really cool serial killer, and um, he only kills other serial killers,right? ’cause that’s what his dad  taught him to do,understand? you see, his dad really loved him and protected him. his dad was a police detective, who […]

“DEADWOOD”…and now for something completely different

June 17, 2009

has there ever been a show so “completely different”(with apologies to Monty Python) as “Deadwood”? it’s a western for people who don’t (or do) like westerns.with tragedies of Greek proportion and soliloquies so Shakesperean,yet so swearword -laden they take  the form of the theater of the absurd.yet one’s overall impression is that this is probably […]


June 10, 2009

while i’m waiting for  “Dexter”, “Trueblood”, and “Brotherhood ” to resume new season’s, i am rewatching  ” The Wire “, starting  back at season 1. it’s good to be back with McNultty and the gang(no pun intended). the series holds up well under a repeat viewing. a few things stand out for me,mainly the brutal […]