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“Dexter” what a killer show

Dexter_MorganDexter_TV_Series_Title_Card“well, you see, there’s this show called “Dexter”,see, and it’s about a serial killer,ok? but he’s a really cool serial killer, and um, he only kills other serial killers,right? ’cause that’s what his dad  taught him to do,understand? you see, his dad really loved him and protected him. his dad was a police detective, who was against  all the evil in the world, so he adopted Dexter,but he didn’t know his new son was a serial killer,well,at least not right away.anyway dexter is a grown man now, his father’s dead , but like a good son,dexter has followed the family tradition of being in law enforcement, he’s a blood-spatter expert, which he’s good at ’cause he’s done a lot of blood-splattering,don’cha know.but he’s a really nice guy! he has a sweet single-mom girlfriend, which works out great because Dexter’s really good with kids.” have you ever tried, or heard someone try to explain HBO’s “Dexter” to someone who has never seen it?they want to tell them about the show because they love it, and they love the character,too. so they want you to watch it. there was such terrific word of mouth about it that CBS put it on as a summer fill-in series. but there a few(!) problems with it on mainstream TV.for starter’s it ‘s a show where the hero is a sociopath who enjoys killing and has no plans to ever stop. he binds his victims first and cuts them in a ritual where he takes a slide-sample of their blood,while he lectures them on what bad people they are.then with all eyes(the victim’s , the camera’s and our’s) open, he kills last-minute change of heart(he doesn’t have a heart),no sympathy.Dexter has no all. good or bad. he’s intelligent and has learned how to act like he has them when he has to.then there’s the matter of his adoptive sister, Deb. Deb’s language would literally make a sailor blush. she drops more f-bombs than tony montana on a bad day. i admit  i never watched it on CBS, but she must have  had to loop every single scene she was in. lip-reader’s had a field day. I’m sure something was lost in translation, like the character’s entire personality. it’s time to mention 2 very strong performances in pivotal character roles: keith carradine in season 2 and jimmy smits in season 3, playing an FBI  task force profiler and a district attorney,respectively. i could go on and on about these two performances, they both should have won emmys, i’m sure they didn’t, i’m not even gonna look it up ’cause i got pissed when i found out that carradine didn’t even get nominated for his turn as Wild Bill Hickock in “Deadwood”. that should have been a slam dunk in the supporting category. just watch “Dexter”, alright? or i will kill you.                                                                       


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